in soul pursuit

in soul pursuit

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Blessed Ramon Llull, Archbishop Kevin McDonald, Professor Sara Sviri, Abbot Timothy Wright, and Religious Dialogue...

After what seems years of planning we are now in the final countdown for our Dialogue Conference: Ecclesiam Suam: The Catholic Church in Dialogue which will be held at St Mary's University, Twickenham from 16th - 18th June. There is so much going on it is invidious to pick out highlights so I direct you to the full conference website on

I am so honoured to be in dialogue with my old friend Professor Sara Sviri from the
Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Sara is a world expert on the Sufi traditions and has chosen to present on Ibn Arabi and the inter-religious dialogue of medieval Spain. This prompted me to make a study of the figure I have illustrated on the right of this blog - Ramon Llull. My paper is not complete but it is entrancing to enter the life and thought of this remarkable man and I am really looking forward to dialoguing with Sara on his relevance to today.
Other highlights from the conference will be the launch of a new edition of Ecclesiam Suam with an introduction from the eminent ecumenicist Archbishop Kevin McDonald.
 Finally I must also mention a presentation from my friend Abbot Timothy Wright whose newly published 'No Peace Without Prayer' I received this week for review. As well as his own presentation on current Muslim-Christian dialogue Abbot Timothy will introduce a screening of the powerful film 'Of Gods and Men', many of the monks who are depicted on which he knew personally.
Finally, it is great to announce that a kind charitable trust has given us money to allow bursaries for the conference so whether you would like to come for a day or the whole event do get in touch. As we daily hear news of new barbarisms please pray for the success of our conference and the deepening dialogue between all people of good will.

All good wishes


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