in soul pursuit

in soul pursuit

Monday, 24 February 2014

Opening the Chakras

One of the most talked about aspects of the day of reflection at Molesey last Saturday was the meditation I led through the chakras. It is not something I would do with every group but from the beginning of the day I realised that the group had a thorough grounding in contemplative prayer and was open to experiment with new things. As I led them through the chakra meditation we did a ‘sounding’ for each chakra, the beautiful sounds that resonated through the group were very healing to us all. Unfortunately I cannot post the meditation here as I wrote it 17 years ago for my first book ‘The Way of Ecstasy: Praying with St Teresa of Avila’ (Canterbury Press 1997) and I think it was written on a floppy disk for an old style computer- so I don’t possess an electronic copy (perhaps Canterbury Press does?). However the book is very cheap to buy on Amazon ( I think you can get it for under £2) and the meditation is in Chapter Seven on Teresa’s Sixth Mansion. As compensation I attach the youtube link to the Bhajan, Om Jagat Jyothi sung by Joseph J Palackal OMI with which we began the day. It is a beautiful Bhajan that extols Christ as universal light of the world and makes a good start for the morning meditation:

I am going shortly to central London to record a radio programme to be broadcast over Easter on Teresa of Avila in her jubilee year. Once I have the details of broadcast I will post them here.


In the meantime, may Christ’s Light fill your hearts and special thanks to all those who took part in the day of reflection last Saturday.


Best wishes





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