in soul pursuit

in soul pursuit

Friday, 17 January 2014

Abroad thoughts from Home...

Dear All

Having just got back and slept most of last night I can begin to reflect on the wonderful time in India. I was also delighted to receive messages about how much you had enjoyed these posts. I certainly enjoyed presenting them. Using my limited skills I have tried to attach a video of the Indian rite liturgy at Vidyavanam. This, and the joy and faith of the seminarians, have been the abiding memories of my visit. St Peter's seminary is one of several seminaries in Bangalore (including the CMI one at Dharmaram), each with about 200 seminarians each. Coming from UK where our seminarian numbers are comparatively low, this is staggering. Tagore wrote at the end of his life that he had looked to the West for the future as a young man, now, an old man during the middle of World War Two, he thought that the future light 'would come from the East'. I suspect the same for Christianity. Our future will lie in the hearts and minds of these kind and generous people. To meditate and experience their devotion was truly life changing. I shall be giving a day at the House of Prayer in East Molesey next month and I hope to share some of these experiences there... even doing a little bit of the light puja!




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