in soul pursuit

in soul pursuit

Friday, 6 December 2013



Who are we?

We are a group of seekers, thinkers and contemplatives who have decided to share meditations and reflections on the following topics:

·         Mindfulness and Contemplation

·         Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counselling

·         Religious Tradition, especially Christian Tradition

·         Philosophy

·         Literature and Art

Although rooted in the Christian tradition we are committed to dialogue with people of all faiths and none and hope that this blog will be a welcoming space for such dialogue.

We are a meeting of academics and practitioners who are engaged in diverse fields including healthcare, psychology, social care and education and come from a number of traditions.

Our aim is for the blog to provide a home for similar seekers who are in ‘soul pursuit’ and would appreciate an online community in which to ground their practice and reflection.


What will you see here?

As many of us are actively working in these fields we shall post current work and writing which we feel may be of interest to the blog community. We shall review current books, exhibitions, films etc.


What will we welcome?

Informed reflection on the content from similar seekers.


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