in soul pursuit

in soul pursuit

Friday, 6 December 2013


It is worth mentioning here the link to our website at St Mary's University College, Twickenham: InSpiRe : the Centre for Initiatives in Spirituality and Reconciliation was started at St Mary's in 2011. Our aims are threefold:

1. To promote reconciliation within individuals between the apparently conflicting demands of faith and reason, belief and scepticism. Our aim is to pursue the goal of developing the whole individual through the most up-to-date educational means available. This, of course, will mean taking seriously what it means to call human beings ‘spiritual’ with particular emphasis on what can be learnt from the Christian spiritual tradition in the service of spiritual seekers in the 21st Century and in dialogue with other faith and philosophical traditions, especially Islam and Judaism.

2. To promote reconciliation between individuals and communities both in British society and globally. We aim to promote peace between people by exploring the sources of conflict and means whereby peaceful resolution can occur. In pursuing this aim we want to explicitly acknowledge the role of faith in transforming and promoting reconciliation between people.

3. To promote reconciliation between humanity and the non-human created world. In the face of the disastrous effects that humanity is having on the earth we feel that the imperative for people of faith to seek reconciliation between humanity and the earth is now more urgent than ever.

In pursuing our aims we want to acknowledge explicitly the role of faith in transforming conflicts and promoting reconciliation based on truth and justice between people and communities in Britain and internationally. 

InSpiRe's next major conference will be on Dialogue and the Roman Catholic Church in June 2014. I will post more about that shortly...



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