in soul pursuit

in soul pursuit

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Blessings from Meister Eckhart!

Here, in time, we are celebrating the eternal birth which God the Father bore and bears unceasingly in eternity, because this same birth is now born in time, in human nature. St Augustine says: ‘What does it avail me that this birth is always happening, if it does not happen in me? That it should happen in me is what matters.’

Meister Eckhart: Christmas Sermon


So we now come to the moment of the eternal birth of the Word in the soul. As Geertgen tot sint Jens depicts it in the picture above, it takes place at night, while all is quiet and still. When we have opened the soul to the divine then the divine will enter. This we celebrate tonight as the Divine Word springs down from on high into the simple stable of our mind. As they used to say in the old newspapers : ‘A Happy Christmas to all Our Readers’. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to read this and I wish you all a very happy Christmas wherever you may be or whatever you may be doing. We remember in particular those in the troubled parts of the world and ask God’s peace and blessing on them.





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